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Our History

Turning a dream into reality…….

Wood Connection was founded by William “Bill” Fenstermacher in 1982 in an 1800 sqft shop. His goal was to produce quality casework and millwork for the residential and commercial markets. He worked by himself for the first 6 months and then added 2 employees. In late 1984 his brother, Alan Fenstermacher, came to work for the business.  Growth continued and it was decided that a CAD CAM software system would help estimating and production. Keytrix data systems was purchased in late 1985. Wood Connection were pioneers in using software for manufacturing. 

A decision was made to hire a consultant to help lay out the plant for the most efficient flow and layout, for future machine purchases. On his recommendation conveyors were purchased and installed for moving parts around efficiently. The consultant advised also to diversify the types of work being bid on. By the early 1990’s the need for machines to do more accurate parts quicker, were on order.  A CNC beam saw, a dowel drill / inserter, was purchased. Additional square footage of shop space was leased, for what would become our presant day finish shop, which houses both an open face booth, and an enclosed automotive type booth for a varity of fine finishes. 

Projects now included tenant improvement, medical, retail, restaurants, and store fixtures. The last 20 years have seen the same mix of projects with percentages of each changing with the economy. Through out the years new machines have been added yearly as technology advanced. The brothers have been working with premier contractors and owners in Northern California, Bill who's passoion surrounding the integrity of wood products has continued to be an active member WI, for several years, holding several titles, from President to Director. These attributes are what have served Wood Connection Inc for the past 40 years. Continued ambition and never waning optimism, has been what keeps Wood Connection moving forward with continued growth.

William “Bill “ Fenstermacher / Founder

The Late Alan Fenstermacher / Vice President


Turning a dream into reality…….